Biomechanics Coach in London

Biomechanics Coach in London

  • Are you having problems with pain and/or recurring injuries?
  • Is your sporting performance hit or miss and unpredicable?
  • Are you looking for a solution to back pain?
  • Do you feel stiff and have problems with flexibility?

If so, you could benefit from working with a Biomechanics Coach!

Biomechanics Coach Mission Statement:

"A Biomechanics Coach™ gives their clients the confidence to move freely by assessing every part of the body’s mechanics and empowers them to look after themselves with their personal corrective exercise plan."

What Is A Biomechanics Coach?

A Biomechanics coach is trained in intrinsic (within the body) Biomechanics and will be able to perform a full-body biomechanics screen. This will show any areas of mechanical weakness in an individual.

A fully trained coach can screen the shoulders, spine, pelvis, knees, ankles, nerves and muscles to see if they are functioning correctly. If these are not working well, then a Biomechanics coach will be able to determine whether that is due to genetic issues or something that is developing due to poor technique, posture problems, inadequate rehabilitation or ergonomic set-up. Once this has been established, the coach will be able to prescribe an exercise program to help eradicate the problems identified. The client will usually return to be periodically re-tested, to evaluate progress, with the program modified accordingly.

Change of Leg Length Discrepancy in just 5 minutes after performing Biomechanics Coaching techniques

Why Consult A Biomechanics Coach?

Consultation with a Biomechanics coach can deliver significant benefits in several instances:

Recurrent Injury - If the client has a recurrent injury, a Biomechanics coach will be able to determine whether there are any biomechanical problems that may be causing it to occur repeatedly. A series of exercises would then be prescribed, to help minimise the risk of recurrence.

Pain When Exercising - If the client experiences pain when running, sitting at a desk or working in the gym, a Biomechanics coach can establish whether that pain has a biomechanical cause, then prescribe remedial exercises. However, Biomechanics coaches would not diagnose or treat injury unless they have a therapy or medical qualification.

Optimal Performance - If the client is unable to perform a particular sporting or physical task, and there is no obvious reason why, then a Biomechanics coach will be able to advise if the cause is biomechanical in nature, then prescribe corrective exercises. For more information, download the biomechanics pdf

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Biomechanics Coaching can also identify movement problems within the body that are either currently causing problems or have the potential to cause problems further down the line.

The assessments that a Biomechanics coach performs look for muscle imbalances, nerve immobility and sub-clinical muscle spasm. Any or all of these factors can cause problems with movement and also pain. Once these factors have been identified, simple exercises are provided in order to realign the body to a correct position.

A Biomechanics screen looks at the whole body, not just the areas that have pain or discomfort. This allows the Biomechanics Coach to assess the interaction between all parts in order to give a complete plan for correct function.

Biomechanics Coaching integrates perfectly with Sports Massage Therapy, giving the therapist a checklist of areas to work on which are causing movement issues and sometimes pain. The combination of hands-on therapy and the simple exercises given to the client enables the body to return to an optimal state in a short period of time.

Forward position of the right shoulder before and after use of Biomechanics Coaching techniques with NO stretching!
Forward position of the right shoulder before and after use of Biomechanics Coaching techniques with NO stretching!