hoy pendleton cycling biomechanics

Biomechanics are essential, says GB Cycling Performance Director

It was great to hear in the news the other day that the Performance Director of the most successful cycling team that Great Britain has had in recent memory included Biomechanics as one of his fundamental considerations for success!

hoy pendleton cycling biomechanics

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

‘We have a small group led by Chris Boardman who look for the latest innovations in other industries and apply them to cycling.

‘You start by analysing the event that you want to win and then you give yourself priorities because you can’t win everything.

‘We look at the gap between where we are and where we have to be to win and then we create a plan and execute it.

‘If you break down everything that you need and improve every little aspect by 1 per cent then that can make a difference. Some things are essential – fitness, biomechanics, etc – others are less essential but can make the difference such as posture when you sleep, using the right kind of pillow.

‘Hygiene is extremely important because you are going to get ill a little bit less. If you put all these little things together you are going to improve.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/olympics/art Londonicle-2184824/London-2012-Olympics-Victoria-Pendleton-event-sad-day–Dave-Brailsford.html#ixzz23AjitMVi

He echoes what I and other Biomechanics Coaches always say – the foundation of any training program, whether it is for a housewife looking to get fit or an olympic athlete going for gold is correct movement first. One should worry about correcting Biomechanics, exercise form etc early in the training/season in order to more safely and effectively perform at higher intensities. Whilst it is certainly possible to reach a high level of sporting achievement with incorrect and inefficient biomechanics, eventually the cumulative effects are premature wear and tear of joints, injuries and performance drop-off.


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