Great results with Rugby players in 1st Biomechanics Coaching session

In the last week I’ve done a lot of work with Rugby players of various levels, here are some of the highlights! – Around 50% of the people got to totally clear on the basic screen within 1 hour, indicating that all basic dysfunctions have been fixed. – One guy who had problems/pain with his […]

Who Can Benefit From Biomechanics Coaching?

Recently a few people have asked me variations on the question of “I’m not injured, can Biomechanics Coaching benefit me?” The answer is – yes, in fact that is the perfect situation! Here’s why… The Biomechanics Coaching system is not about immediate pain relief (although some of the techniques can give great results for this […]

Biomechanics of the Knee and Common Knee Injuries

Knee Biomechanics Contents: Knee Anatomy What Can Effect Knee Biomechanics – Incorrect Hip Function – Incorrect Foot Function – Weak Muscles In The Hip – Imbalances Between The Muscles Of The Leg Conclusion   A common place to have problems in the body, ranging from aches and pains to more serious injuries is the knee. […]

Hip Rotation Deficits And Lower Back Pain

Hip Rotation and Lower Back Pain Here is an interesting study I found regarding lower back pain being related to problems at the hip. Read at least the bolded bits, and see underneath for my comments! : Low back pain (LBP) is arguably one of the most common diagnoses treated by rehabilitation specialists. LBP constitutes […]

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Biomechanics are essential, says GB Cycling Performance Director

It was great to hear in the news the other day that the Performance Director of the most successful cycling team that Great Britain has had in recent memory included Biomechanics as one of his fundamental considerations for success! Here is an excerpt from the interview: ‘We have a small group led by Chris Boardman who look […]