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At Active Biomechanics we aim to give you the tools to excel. Whatever your sport, hobby or lifestyle we aim to enable you to perform at your best with a minimal risk of injuries, aches and pains.


We specialise in optimising your performance by using a wide range of assessment techniques to identify any potential issues, followed by hands-on treatment and simple exercises to realign the body. This helps you move more freely with less pain and you are able to be stronger and faster for longer!



Reduce Injuries

A properly functioning body is a robust body, able to tackle anything that is demanded of it without breaking down. By ensuring that you become (and remain) optimally functional the Biomechanics system enables you to perform at your best without injury.

Improve Performance

By resetting the body to it's optimal state, tightness and spasm are reduced and movement can flow much more easily. The result? Improved strength, speed and endurance!

Targetted Advice

With a full screening system involving looking at every major muscle, joint and nerve in the body, your Biomechanics coach can find your problem areas quickly and make an effective plan to get you to 100%

Scientifically Proven

The Active Biomechanics Coaching system uses scientifically proven techniques in order to get results fast, and enable you to maintain normal pain-free function.

Here's what people are saying about Active Biomechanics:

[I was sent to] a chiropractor in Harley Street around this time [...] I didn’t like what he told me. There was no doubt about it he said, I was in quite a bit of trouble and if I didn’t get this sorted out I wouldn’t be walking within a year. That’s quite scary. I was also one of the worst cases he’d seen. I knew Alex was a Biomechanics coach and he offered, very kindly, to help. I was put through some tests and tactfully informed that I wasn’t in the best shape but I had a very reassuring feeling from him. Which is good, because whatever he did, it worked. Since then I have been pain free. Honestly. I promise faithfully. Not a tiny smidge of it. I have not suffered the pain I had since I was 13.
Julia V
After almost fifteen years of suffering from what was diagnosed as torn knee ligaments, I asked Alex to see if there was anything he could do to relieve the increasing discomfort I was experiencing. After a thirty minute consultation Alex felt that it wasn’t my ligaments that were damaged at all, but the Popliteus muscle. He then began work on a deep tissue massage of the muscle. After two sessions, I was able to move my knee in a way that I hadn’t been able to since the damage was done playing cricket all those years ago. I am still quite amazed at what Alex was able to achieve with my battered knee, therefore cannot recommend his services highly enough
Neil F
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Active Biomechanics is here to help you, whatever you need. From returning from an injury to maximising your sporting performance, our Biomechanics coaching centred model allows you to get the most effective advice in order to perform at your best! 

Normalise Phase

Return the body to basic good function

Stabilise Phase

Lock in the new correct alignment

Functionalise Phase

Prepare and strengthen the body for optimal movement

Specialise Phase

Fine tune the system in order to excel in your chosen sport

About Your Coach

Alex Gold is a Sports Therapist and Biomechanics Coach from London UK working with athletes and the public to maximise their quality of movement, improve performance and minimize aches and pains. Alex has over ten years experience working with a wide range of individuals to achieve their goals, and has a unique approach blending scientific assessment and a hands-on approach to ensure results every time! 

Alex has Diplomas in Biomechanics Coaching, Sports Therapy and Fitness Training, giving him a wide range of knowledge to help you at every stage of your movement goals.


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Alex has been helping me with my bike fit and injury management for several years now. Not only has he improved comfort and efficiency on the bike for me, he has also helped me return to running after several years on and off the sidelines. I have just signed up to my first IRONMAN safe in the knowledge Alex will help me get to the finish line injury free.
Simon O
I was doing some training in the gym with Alex when I had a major motorcycle crash! I did not break any bones, but I suffered serious bruising to my hip and was getting stabbing pains in my back. Of course I stopped training with Alex in the gym, and I thought my days of lifting weights were over. After being discharged from physio I was able to get through the day, but still had a lot of pain and a limp. Alex convinced me to give his Biomechanics services a try. At this stage I was skeptical, but willing to give it a try. Within what seemed like no time at all (probably about 3 weeks) I was able to walk around and do things in daily life pain free. I even got back to riding the motorbike and went to Le Mans for four days straight on track with my bike with only small amounts of discomfort.
James R
After a couple of consults with Alex Gold, I haven’t got enough positive things to say about the Biomechanics Coaching system. If anyone if experiencing any problems with their movement (and lets face it who isn’t), I would advise you to seriously considering seeing a Biomechanics Coach. Honestly, this is the first time in a year that I am making progress in terms of my joint health and alignment. After a week of the exercises I was given, I can already move both hips more freely. Speaking as somebody who trains hard and makes it a priority, being kept from lifting as I would want by an inability to hit the required positions is unbelievably frustrating. I was prepared to try anything – and did, various physios, trainers, pnf, mobility, joint distraction, literally – everything. The only thing that has worked for me has been what Alex has suggested.
Dave M-O
I ended up meeting with Alex for an assessment three times in a period of three months. Over this period there was a constant improvement every time. My legs are nearly the same length now, my pain is reduced to a minimum and I have been able to train hard and heavy again without any annoying setbacks! My technique in some lifts in the gym I never even had problems with has also improved due to the joints and muscles now working properly. I would recommend Alex’s Biomechanics Coaching services to anyone, I have had more sessions with other types of practitioner and not fixed the problems I had so to be able to get to almost 100% healthy within three sessions was a pleasant surprise!
Ian M
Alex was recommended to me by a friend because I was having issues with form on my major lifts. I decided to have a Biomechanics assessment done, and I am glad I did! Alex identified issues with my posture and put me on a programme to correct these. He explained everything clearly to me and made me feel very comfortable. Once this was done, the issues with my form became easier to fix. My deadlift improved by 15Kg and my bench improved by 10Kg after 2 sessions on these lifts. Alex was very patient with me and I will definitely be returning to him many times!
Rashid A